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Selected Works

Graphic Design Branding


75th Anniversary of End of World War II and Birth of United Nations 

Spring 2020

75th Anniversary of End of World War II and Birth of United Nations 

Since we’re celebrating the 75th anniversary of the momentous events in our history, Our team wanted that to be the first read in the hierarchy. Following that would be the Golden Gate Bridge to honor and take pride in the pivotal role SF played in the World War II.

Graphic Design Branding


Frank Gehry's Architectural Exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Spring 2019

Frank Gehry's

Architectural  Philosophy 

 Frank Gehry is a Canadian architect living in the United States. His architecture is famous for its complex structure, unusual materials and strange shapes. In 2019, Frank Gehry and San Francisco Museum of modern art jointly hold an exhibition, in which his design manuscripts, architectural photos and some products designed by him are displayed.

Packing Design painting


Tequila Packaging Design

Spring 2020

The New Revolution

of The Day of The Dead

Corazon tequila is a traditional brand of Mexican tequila. Through the in-depth understanding of the company and the investigation of tequila and Mexican culture, I designed the packaging of Corazon tequila special Mexican day of the dead.

UI & UX Design


Safebooking Flight Booking APP

Fall 2019

Every Flight is

Safer and More Reassuring

Safe booking is a ticket purchase app focusing on flight safety. We don’t just care about the price of the ticket. We can let customers know all the information so that they can consider their own safety while booking the ticket. We will remind customers before they board the plane and the weather conditions of the day, which will facilitate their travel. We also provide family sharing services. As they board , we send text messages to family members to remind them of their flight schedule.

UI & UX design

截屏2021-05-03 01.35.16.png

Unicorn Gallery Annual Atlas

Fall 2019

The value

of Non Profit Art Gallery

Unicorn center of art is a non-profit art gallery in Beijing. This book records all the exhibits from 2014 to 2016. It includes the artist's basic information and work explanation, as well as media comments.

Logo design, Web design

截屏2021-05-03 01.42.05.png

Course Planning by Dr. Novirus

Spring  2020

Every Child's

Required Course on Coronavirus

The year 2020 is an extraordinary time, with coronavirus causing people all over the world to suffer at different levels. At this time, we need to bring this problem to children's attention. Let your child know about viruses and how to prevent them. And we will do that in every school. Learn about viruses in the classroom with your child.

Packaging Design

截屏2021-05-03 01.50.09.png

Hei An Ji Dai Board Game Design

​Spring 2020

Become a

Onmyoji in Heian Era of Japan

Hei An Ji Dai is a board game about onmyoji in Heian era of Japan. In the Heian era of Japan, the monsters who were supposed to be in the underworld appeared in the world and created all kinds of disturbances to bring disaster to the world. There is a kind of power called "onmyoji" in the world. They can drive runes, chant incantations, slave demons, and send them as "shikigami". Yin Yang teachers use their own abilities to maintain the balance between yin and Yang. 


截屏2021-05-03 02.04.08.png

Royal Kitchen

Fall 2020

Tasting And Learning

Traditional Chinese Royal Cuisine

The royal kitchen is introduces and teaches the imperial cuisine enjoyed by the qing emperors. If the diet of folk household and local restaurants is the foundation of Chinese cuisine, then imperial cuisine is the peak of Chinese ancient culinary art. The imperial diet of the qing dynasty reached its zenith in Chinese history. 

Packaging Design



​Fall 2020

Mothers Deserve The Best

Mom is a brand for mothers and children, including baby products, clothing, medicine, electronics, food and water. For all mothers to shop happily and guilt-free, to build a healthy and functional brand of quality items. 

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